Laser Cutting

Lasermark can provide cutting services out of various materials such as wood, MDF and acrylic and with two CO2 lasers available you can be assured of prompt service and a high quality cut.

When it comes to laser cutting the better your knowledge as to how a laser operates the better your laser cutting results will be. With this in mind the following is provided to help increase knowledge:

The laser’s beam can be focussed on an extremely small area (from 0.1mm to 1mm in diameter)

The area in proximity to the laser beam’s cutting edge has a very low heat alteration so it will not damage the product being cut.

The laser cut has the capacity of operating on complex profiles and with very small rays of curvature.

Unlike water and traditional cutting systems, a laser light exerts no mechanical pressure on the material being cut.

The laser is a non-contact instrument that guarantees:

Total absence of mechanical pressure on the piece;

Absence of wear in the material being cut;

In many cases finished pieces do not require further processing i.e.polishing, de-burring, finishing etc. for example cast acrylic cuts (and engraves) particularly well with the edges coming out polished and the engraving coming out white.

The material being cut melts, burns or vaporizes leaving an edge with a high-quality finish.

The laser beam is guided by lines on a vector file (which is why lines need to meet for an object to be completely cut out and why double lines confuse the laser).

The laser beam is angled, therefore edges are not 90 degrees. These things need to be taken into consideration particularly when designing objects with interlocking parts.

Laser cutting is, above all, precise, clean and silent.








Example laser cut acrylic shapes



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