Frequently Asked Questions

What information is required to produce a quotation?
The basic information we need is an image of the component(s) to be cut, the material type and thickness along with your contact details so we can email or phone you.

How long will it take to produce a quotation?
We can normally provide a quote the same day.

What type of files can be used?
We can accept most file types including CorelDraw Adobe Illustrator. We can also work off sketches. With regard to the file types for cutting and engraving – we need vector graphics for cutting and raster graphics for laser engraving, although we can convert various formats.

The quality of the file has a crucial bearing on the final result.  For that reason we prefer vector files instead of picture files.

Cutting files must be in a vector format for the laser to obtain a any type result.  While vector files are also preferable for engraving, clear picture files (such as BMP, JPEG, TIFF) can be used if only one depth is required.
If you are unable to provide a file in the above formats, we can work off sketches and draw the file for you.  There is an extra set up charge for this service which is based on the time it takes to design the file.

How long will a job take?
Generally all completed work is forwarded back to our customers within 5 business days of a satisfactory file being provided and a quote accepted.

What payment methods are available?
We accept cash EFTPOS and Credit cards. Accounts can be opened for regular customers that meet our criteria.

Do we supply materials?
We stock a large range of materials including plastic, acrylic, mdf, some timbers and a range of glassware

Can I use my own materials?
Yes, providing it is a material that is able to be cut by a laser.

Will there be burn marks on my cut parts?
Yes, there may be some on parts cut in wood. We will mask your materials before we put them in the laser for cutting and we will remove the mask before returning the finished job to you. Even so burn may still get through onto the material. Burn marks on wood can be removed with water or by light sanding. Acrylic burn marks will polish out.

Can we undertake secondary operations?
We have the facilities to bend acrylic, and sandblast glass and crystal. We can also cut our customer’s materials (acrylic and MDF) and store surplus material for further jobs for them safely if required.

Can we cut metal?
No, we cannot but we can outsource this work for you if you request it.

Can you cut Acrylic?
Yes, up to a thickness of 10mm. Acrylic edges appear polished when cut with a laser. We can engrave acrylic too; the best acrylic to use for both cutting and engraving is cast acrylic.

Can you cut MDF?

Yes, up to a thickness of 12mm.

Can you cut more than one layer at a time?
The precise answer is yes but we will not as accuracy is compromised by doing so, and burn marks are left between the layers.

Can we engrave metal?
Yes, most metals, but not all. Anodised aluminium engraves very well, and we can use a substance on stainless steel, mild steel and brass which gives a black engraving result.

How do I get my materials to fit together or interlock?
If you are designing an object with parts that interlock, you will want the thickness of the material to be exact. In the real world, natural materials are not exact. Materials can be up to .5mm greater or less than the specified thickness. This is called tolerance. For example, a 6mm acrylic may actually be 6.2mm thick (+0.2mm) or 5.8mm (-0.2mm). This will impact how your parts fit together. Because material thicknesses vary, it may take a prototype (or two) to figure out how to make your product perfectly.

Also be aware that the laser cutter will burn away some of the material along the cutting line. This varies depending on the depth the cut needs to be. In other words, the thicker the material, the slower the laser moves and the more material lost. This loss is likely to be in the region of 0.1 to 0.2mm. Each material you use will have a different 'tolerance'.

What are laser bed sizes?
Laser bed sizes of 800mm x 450mm and 600mm x 450mm

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